Housing allowance

Last updated 27/03/2018 - 09:23

The upward trend in the number of housing allowance recipients has halted

At the end of last December, 114,700 households received general housing allowance in the Helsinki region. This figure is similar to the previous year. The increase in the number of housing allowance recipients over the past year has halted. 

At the end of December, the number of general housing allowance recipients was 65,000 in Helsinki, 18,800 in Espoo, 17,300 in Vantaa, 13,300 in the KUUMA municipalities and 376,500 in total throughout Finland. Compared to the previous year, the numbers of housing allowance recipients went up slightly in Vantaa and in the KUUMA municipalities but declined slightly at the national level.

The number of households receiving general housing allowance has increased at a fast pace over the past five years. Last year’s accelerated growth is explained by students transferring within the scope of general housing allowance as the payment of student aid housing allowance ended in July. The previous growth trend is also likely explained by the changes to the general housing allowance that came into force in 2015, such as the new earned-income deduction. The earned-income deduction increased the income limits of housing allowance.

Percentage of housing allowance recipients going up throughout the region

The percentage of household-dwelling units receiving housing allowance has also been increasing throughout the region. However, the same home can contain several households receiving housing allowance, if each household within the home has signed a separate lease. In student households, this is more common than on average. No statistics are kept on the total number of households in Finland.