Violent crime

Last updated 10/04/2019 - 12:55

Slight drop in the incidence of violent crime in the Helsinki region

In 2018, 1 per cent less violent crime came to the attention of the police in the Helsinki region than in the previous year when comparing new foreknowledge with the foreknowledge of 2017. According to Statistics Finland, the quantity of crimes stayed the same in Uusimaa and grew 2 per cent in the rest of the country. Just under one third of all violent and sex crimes committed in the country were committed in the Helsinki region.

The number of violent crimes that have come to the attention of the police increased significantly in 2011, at which time even some minor assaults were subjected to public prosecution following a change in the legislation. The general trend had been decreasing until 2015, when the number of crimes took a new turn for the worse. However, now the number of violent crimes reported to the police has been on the decline since last year.