Violent crime

Last updated 18/03/2021 - 13:20

Slight drop in the incidence of violent crime in the Helsinki region

In 2020, 1 per cent less violent crime was reported to the police in the Helsinki region than in the previous year. According to preliminary data by Statistics Finland, the number of property crimes also decreased in Uusimaa by 6 per cent and by 2 per cent in all of Finland. Just under one third of all violent and sex crimes committed in the country were committed in the Helsinki region.

In October–December, approximately 3,043 crimes against life and health or sexual crimes were reported to the police in the Helsinki region, 46 per cent of which were committed in Helsinki. Compared with the corresponding period last year, the number of violent crimes that were reported to the police in October–December decreased by 1 per cent in the Helsinki region, by 2 per cent in Uusimaa and by 7 per cent in the entire country.

Number of crimes decreasing

The number of violent crimes reported to the police increased significantly in 2011, when even minor assaults became subject to public prosecution following a change in the legislation. Since then, the general trend had been decreasing until 2015, when the number of crimes started to slowly increase in the Helsinki region. Since 2018, the number of crimes has mostly been declining again.