Property crime

Last updated 10/04/2019 - 12:57

Number of thefts decreased

 In 2018, 4 per cent fewer thefts came to the attention of the police in the Helsinki region than in the previous year when comparing new foreknowledge with the foreknowledge of the previous year. According to Statistics Finland, the number of property crimes declined in the same relative proportion in Uusimaa. The number of all crimes reported to the police in all of Finland decreased by 1 per cent, according to the foreknowledge.

In 2018, approximately 122,100 thefts were carried out in Finland, of which 40 per cent took place in the Helsinki region.

Crime rate highest in summer

The annual amount of thefts has marginally decreased in the Helsinki region in the past year. There is significant seasonal variation in the number of thefts, with the majority taking place in the summer.