Business outlook for service companies

Last updated 02/10/2018 - 16:43

Prospects have stabilised slightly in the service sector

In Uusimaa, the economic prospects for service sector companies in July was slightly more favourable than usual, and the outlook is expected to improve a little in the autumn. The balance indicator was +6 in July (+12 in April). This means that the general prospects have stabilised during the early summer, but slight improvements are still expected. Sales growth is expected to increase also in the coming months, and sales volumes have experienced a slight increase in the second quarter. New employees will also probably be hired in the near future. 

The outlook for the service sector throughout the country may improve slightly

The economic situation of service sector enterprises in the whole country have continued to be at slightly better than average, and the outlooks are cautiously positive. Sales generally grew in the second quarter, and the increase is expected to continue in the coming months. There are plans to increase the number of employees, however, difficulties in finding labour force are the most common hindrance. The economic outlook for service sector companies was slightly more favourable than than usual in July, with the value of the balance indicator at +5 (+17 in April). There are plans to increase the number of employees in the coming months, and the number of personnel also increased slightly in April–June. However, 28 per cent of the respondents experienced problems with recruitment, and the availability of competent labour force was the most common bottleneck in production.