Consumers' expectations concerning the unemployment situation for the next 12 months

Last updated 27/03/2019 - 09:15

Trust in an improved employment situation is no longer strong

In the interviews conducted for the Consumer Survey published by Statistics Finland, consumer expectations with regard to a change in the employment situation declined last October. At the end of the year, they were more positive in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, but in January, views were again darker than before. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, 17 per cent of consumers assumed there would be more unemployed people in a year, and 29 per cent assumed the number would be lower than at the time of the survey. Approximately every second person assumed the number would stay the same. In the entire country, every third assumed there would be fewer unemployed people and every fifth assumed there would be more. The balance indicator that describes the assumed number of unemployed people in January next year was 6.0 in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (12.3 in December) and 6.2 in Finland as a whole (6.5 in December).