Changes of Population

Last updated 19/03/2021 - 08:44

Population growth in the Helsinki region slowed down considerably

The population of the Helsinki region was 1,525,000 at the end of December. The population of the region grew by 3,000 residents in October–December. That is 1,800 less than in the corresponding period of the previous year. Growth slowed down due to a decrease in migration gain as well as a slight decrease in natural population growth following an increased number of deaths. A total of 3,640 children were born and 2,770 people died in the region. There was a migration gain of 2,150 people, accounting for approximately 71 per cent of the population growth.

In Helsinki, the population grew by 340 residents, in Vantaa by 430 residents, in the KUUMA municipalities by 995 residents and in Espoo by 1,060 residents. Population growth slowed down nearly 80 per cent in Helsinki and by 70 per cent in Vantaa compared with October–December of the previous year. In Espoo, population growth remained almost at the level of the previous year, whereas in the KUUMA municipalities there was an increase of 370 (+60%) people more than previously.

According to preliminary data, the population in the Helsinki region increased by a total of approximately 14,000 residents or 0.93 per cent in 2020. The figure is approximately 6,000 residents smaller than the preliminary data for the previous year. The population will be corrected down also this year, as people who have been unaccounted for a long time are removed from the data. The migration gain in the Helsinki region from elsewhere in Finland decreased considerably, while the migration gain from abroad grew slightly. There were more births and deaths compared with the previous year and natural population growth shrank.