The Changes of Population

Last updated 27/03/2018 - 10:31

Population growth in the Helsinki region slowed down slightly

The population of the Helsinki region was 1,494,400 at the end of December. The population in the region grew by 19,300 in 2018. The estimate from the previous year was higher than this, but final growth was smaller. The population will be corrected down even this year. However, the last time growth in the region and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area was this high was in the 1960s. There were less births and natural population growth decreased. Net migration was also lower than the year before. Population growth experienced a record-breaking slowing in all of Finland as migration gain from abroad decreased, fewer children were born than in the year before and there were more deaths.

In October–December, 3,454 children were born and 2,496 people died in the Helsinki region. Migration gain was 3,833 people. Helsinki gained 889 inhabitants, Espoo 1,660 inhabitants, Vantaa 1,492 inhabitants and the KUUMA municipalities 737 inhabitants. Population growth in Helsinki halved compared to October–December the previous year, but doubled in Vantaa, grew by 50 per cent in Espoo and by 40 per cent in the KUUMA municipalities.