Net migration between the municipalities of the region

Last updated 19/03/2021 - 08:53

KUUMA municipalities gained residents from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

In October–December, the migration loss from Helsinki to other municipalities of the region was 1,150 residents, when one year before it was 855. Helsinki had a greater migration loss to the KUUMA municipalities and Espoo compared with the end of the previous year. Net migration to Vantaa also turned negative by 97 residents, and the migration loss to KUUMA municipalities doubled. Vantaa experienced a migration gain from rest of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, although less than during the corresponding period of the previous year. For Espoo, regional net migration hovered around zero, due to the increased migration loss to the KUUMA municipalities and, to a lesser extent, to Vantaa. However, Espoo had a greater migration gain from Helsinki compared with the fourth quarter of the previous year. The KUUMA municipalities netted a total of 1,100 residents from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area overall, which is three times as much as in October–December of the previous year.

Migration gain of the KUUMA municipalities from other Helsinki Metropolitan Area municipalities more than doubled in 2020, up to 3,700 residents. For Vantaa, migration gain from other municipalities in the area decreased considerably due to the increased migration loss to the KUUMA municipalities, although the migration gain from Helsinki and Espoo was higher than in the previous year. Espoo’s regional migration gain in the previous year turned to a migration loss of 950 residents, as migration gain from Helsinki decreased to less than half, along with increased migration loss to both the KUUMA municipalities and Vantaa. According to preliminary data, Helsinki’s migration loss to other municipalities in the region was at approximately 3,580 residents, a level similar to the previous year, with 1,900 moving to Vantaa, 900 to the KUUMA municipalities and 660 to Espoo.