Net migration between the municipalities of the region

Last updated 27/03/2018 - 10:35

Migration gain to the KUUMA municipalities from the Helsinki metropolitan area took an upward turn

In 2017, the KUUMA municipalities received 1,300 residents through migration gain from other municipalities in the Helsinki region. According to preliminary information, the migration gain was 100 people more than in the previous year. Instead, Helsinki suffered a loss of 1,090 residents and Espoo 250 inside the region but Vantaa gained 130 residents. However, Vantaa’s migration gain was less than before as more people than before moved away from Vantaa. Instead, Helsinki’s migration loss was halved from the previous year as more people moved to the city than in the previous year. Helsinki’s shrinking migration loss could be explained by asylum seekers being transferred into Helsinki from reception centres elsewhere in the region.

The KUUMA municipalities have had migration gain from the Helsinki metropolitan area throughout the 2000s, but the net migration has been decreasing in 2007–2016. Movement between the Helsinki metropolitan area and KUUMA municipalities has become livelier in 2017. Traditionally, Helsinki has been the biggest loser in migration within the region.