Foreign migration

A record-breaking migration gain from foreign migration

The Helsinki region had a migration gain of 4,070 people from abroad in October–December, which was more than twice the number in October–December of the previous year. Helsinki received more than 40 per cent of the region’s foreign migration gain and Espoo more than one quarter. The share of the surrounding areas remained at 7 per cent. It is noteworthy that Finland outside the region also received even more migration gain from abroad than the Helsinki region, slightly over 5,000 people. The change compared to 2021 was based on the increase in the number of people moving from abroad to both the Helsinki region and the rest of Finland, while there was no major change in the number of people emigrating abroad.

During 2022, the Helsinki region received a migration gain of 16,150 people from abroad, while the rest of Finland received a migration gain of 18,630 people. Within the Helsinki region, the migration gain was 6,740 people in Helsinki, 4,570 people in Espoo and 3,560 people in Vantaa. The share of KUUMA municipalities was 1,240 persons. According to preliminary data, the foreign migration gain was the highest in the 2000s in both the Helsinki region and the rest of Finland.

Both the municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the KUUMA municipalities experienced a clear increase from the previous year. In all areas of the region, the growth in foreign migration gain was over 50 per cent, while in Finland as a whole, the growth was slightly less than 50 per cent. The change from the previous year was based on an increase in immigration.

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