Migration between the region’s municipalities

Internal migration gain for KUUMA municipalities nearly 2,800 persons in 2022

In the internal migration within the Helsinki region in the last quarter of 2022, the KUUMA municipalities (450 people) and Espoo (240 people) had a migration gain, while Helsinki and Vantaa had a migration loss (420 and 260 people). The trends in migration remained similar to those at the beginning of the year and in the corresponding period of the previous year. Of the KUUMA municipalities, only Mäntsälä and Pornainen lost a few people to other municipalities in the region, with Tuusula and Kerava receiving the most migration gains.

Espoo, which received the largest migration gain from internal migration, received the most population from Helsinki, nearly 300 people, but lost 70 people to KUUMA municipalities. People moved to the KUUMA municipalities also from Vantaa and Helsinki. Vantaa’s migration loss was 270 and Helsinki’s 100 people.

As in previous years, the migration of the population was directed more from the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area – with the exception of Kauniainen – to the KUUMA municipalities than vice versa. In 2022, KUUMA municipalities received a migration gain of 1,270 people from Vantaa and 900 people from Helsinki. There were 580 more people moving from Espoo to KUUMA municipalities than those moving in the other direction. Compared to the previous year, Espoo’s migration loss decreased by over 50 per cent and Vantaa’s migration loss by about 40 per cent.

As with migration between the Helsinki region and the rest of Finland, internal migration within the region seems to follow similar trends than before the COVID-19 pandemic and have returned closer to the pre-pandemic figures.

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