A record-breaking migration gain for the Helsinki region

The number of people moving to and from the Helsinki region decreased in October–December compared to the previous quarter, based on the normal annual migration cycle. The number of immigrants to the region was the highest in the review period that started in 2015, while the number of emigrants from the region was at the same level as in previous years, so the migration gain in the last quarter (4,950 persons) was higher than in the previous years. Within the municipalities in the region, the migration gain was at a record high in Helsinki, 2,060 persons, and in Espoo, 1,700 persons, while the migration gain returned to the level before the COVID-19 pandemic in Vantaa, 720 persons, and in KUUMA municipalities, 450 persons. In Helsinki and Espoo, the growth in migration gain was based particularly on the growth in the number of migration to the region. All of the KUUMA municipalities except Mäntsälä and Järvenpää had migration gains in October–December. Migration gain in the rest of the Finland outside the region was a little over 4,100 people.

The migration gain in the Helsinki region in 2022 was 17,420 persons, which, according to preliminary data, was the largest in the 2000s. Espoo’s migration gain was record-high, at 6,590 persons, and slightly higher than Helsinki’s migration gain of 6,180 persons. The reason for the increased migration gain in both the whole region and Espoo was, in particular, the increasing number of immigrants. The total migration gain in Vantaa was 2,870 persons, while the migration gain of the KUUMA municipalities remained at 1,900 persons.

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