Unemployed young people

Last updated 27/03/2018 - 10:31

Numbers of unemployed youth continue to decrease

At the end of December, there were 6,000 unemployed young people in the Helsinki region, which is 12 per cent less than the previous year. According to the client register of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the number of unemployed job seekers under the age of 25 decreased considerably in all municipalities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, KUUMA municipalities and entire Finland.

At the end of December, there were 2,400 unemployed young people in Helsinki, 1,000 in Espoo, 1,200 in Vantaa and 1,500 in the KUUMA municipalities. Nationally, the number of unemployed young people was 33,400.

The rate of youth unemployment in the Helsinki region began to grow notably in 2013, but took a downward turn in 2016. The rate of the decline last year was fast.