Employment rate

Employment rate decreased slightly in the Helsinki region in the last quarter

According to the Labour Force Survey by Statistics Finland, the employment rate of the working age population aged 15–64 was 75.7 per cent in the Helsinki region in the last quarter of 2022, falling slightly below the previous year’s rate. In October–December, the employment rate in Uusimaa and Helsinki was 76.1 per cent and in Finland 73.8 per cent. At the level of the whole country, the employment rate increased by a little over one percentage point year-on-year.

In 2022, annual average employment rates increased to record levels. In 2022, the employment rate in the Helsinki region was 75.9 per cent, which was 0.9 percentage points higher than in 2021 and more than two percentage points higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. At the national level, the employment rate was 73.8 per cent in 2022, compared to 72.3 per cent in 2021.

In Statistics Finland’s Labour Force Survey, the employment rate is reported according to the age group of 20–64-year-olds instead of 15–64-year-olds. The change will take effect in February 2022. https://stat.fi/uutinen/tyollisuusasteen-ikaryhma-muuttuu. Employment rates for 20–64-year-olds are a few percentage points higher than for 15–64-year-olds.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, the employment rate for 20–64-year-olds was 80.7 per cent in the Helsinki region, which is the same as one year before. In Finland, the employment rate of the population aged 20–64 was 78.4 per cent in the last quarter 2022, which is 1.1 percentage points higher than in the previous year.

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