Indicator predicting total production

In the Helsinki region, production continued to grow in the last quarter of last year, when the production increased by more than 4.5 per cent from the previous year according to a preliminary estimate. The growth of production in all of Finland was a little slower, according to estimates. Growth in the Helsinki region was extensive and took place in all sectors. The strongest growth sectors included construction, transport and storage, accommodation and food service activities, business services, trade and services for households.


In the limelight

Lauri Vuori, Economist, Pellervo Economic Research PTT

The division of the housing market has strengthened in Finland. While the prices of small flats are on a steep rise in the Helsinki metropolitan area, it has proved to be a difficult job to sell your detached house outside of growth centres.


Oskari Harjunen, Senior Researcher, City of Helsinki, Executive Office, Urban Research and Statistics

Housing prices have reacted to the change brought on by the West Metro already during the construction phase, or the housing market has predicted the renewals created by the metro. Housing prices have increased by an average of four per cent within 800 metres of the new metro stations.