Property crimes

Thefts decreased in 2022

In 2022, about 20 per cent fewer thefts were reported to the police in the Helsinki region than in the previous year, when comparing the latest preliminary data with the last year’s preliminary data. According to Statistics Finland, the number of offences decreased by 20 per cent year-on-year in Uusimaa and 18 per cent in the whole country. In 2022, there were approximately 100,200 thefts in Finland, of which 40 per cent took place in the Helsinki region.

In October to December 2022, the number of theft offences decreased in the Helsinki region by 3 per cent in the Helsinki region compared to the corresponding period last year. The number of thefts remained almost unchanged in the country overall. In October–December, 11,800 thefts were reported to the police in the region. A large share of all thefts committed in the Helsinki region occurred in Helsinki (44 per cent) and in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (82 per cent).

There is significant seasonal variation in the number of thefts, as the majority of thefts occur in the summer.

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