Amount of landfill waste

Last updated 19/03/2021 - 08:22

Amount of mixed waste increasing

During 2020, the Ämmässuo waste treatment centre received 10 per cent more waste compared to the previous year. On the other hand, the amount of waste at the Vantaa waste-to-energy plant decreased by 1 per cent compared with the previous year. Compared with the previous year, the amount of mixed waste grew by 3 per cent, and clearly more of it was received at Ämmässuo. In September, the Vantaa waste-to-energy plant had a maintenance break, and during that time considerably more mixed waste was received to be bailed at Ämmässuo.

The total amount of mixed waste also increased in October–December. Nonetheless, even during that period the amount of waste decreased to 86,300 in Ämmässuo and to 80,000 in Vantaa.

The Vantaa waste-to-energy plant was opened in 2014, which significantly decreased the waste volumes delivered to Ämmässuo. The Vantaa waste-to-energy plant receives more mixed waste than the Ämmässuo waste treatment centre, but Ämmässuo has received more waste on the whole.