Europe Comparison


Unemployment rate in Uusimaa is higher than in European metropolitan areas

In 2017, the unemployment rate in Uusimaa was 7.7 per cent of the labour force, i.e. higher than in the metropolitan areas surrounding other European capitals on average. In a comparison of 25 regions, Uusimaa placed 17th. In the Copenhagen and Stockholm metropolitan areas, unemployment rates were around 6 per cent, i.e. somewhat lower than in Uusimaa.

The lowest unemployment rates of the comparison were in the Prague and Budapest regions, where unemployment rates were under 3 per cent. On the contrary, the clearly highest unemployment rate was in the Athens metropolitan area, where more than one fifth of the labour force was unemployed. After Athens, unemployment was most common in the regions of Madrid and Lefkosia, where the unemployment rate was more than 10 per cent of the labour force. Unemployment was also common in the Brussels metropolitan area.

The comparison is based on European Union’s statistical office Eurostat’s survey data from 2017. Respondents were considered unemployed if they were unemployed and available for the labour market during the survey week. The metropolitan areas have been formed of the NUTS 3 areas, i.e. statistical area units defined in the European Union’s area classification system. Since 2017, employment has improved in Uusimaa. In April–June 2019, 7.2 per cent of the labour force was unemployed.