Europe Comparison


Public transport in Luxembourg is twice as expensive compared to Helsinki

In a comparison of public transport prices across 39 European cities, Helsinki came in 14th. According to the comparison conducted by the Swiss banking company UBS, Helsinki is in the most expensive third of the cities compared. The prices of public transport in Helsinki are similar to Stockholm and Barcelona. The public transport prices compared comprise one single bus, tram or subway fare, one approximately five-kilometre taxi fare and one 200-kilometre train fare.

Public transport in Copenhagen and particularly in Oslo is more expensive than in Helsinki. Luxembourg and Switzerland’s Geneva had the most expensive public transport fares. While the estimated sum of the single fares in Helsinki is EUR 45, in Oslo the price estimate is EUR 74, in Geneva EUR 77 and in Luxembourg as much as EUR 88, twice as much as in Helsinki.

On the other hand, the cities with the lowest public transport fares in the comparison are the East-European Sofia in Bulgaria, Kiev in Ukraine and Nicosia in Cyprus. The sum of the single fares in these cities is less than EUR 10. Cities such as Riga also have very low public transport fares, and prices in Vilnius and Tallinn are also clearly below the average in the comparison.

The comparison is based on data gathered by the Swiss banking company UBS in spring 2018.