Indicator predicting total production

In the second quarter of 2016, production growth in the Helsinki Region accelerated. The estimate is that production increased by 3.3 per cent compared with a year earlier. For the preceding quarters, too, estimates were adjusted upwards. According to updated figures, production growth in the preceding twelve months had been clearly faster in the Helsinki Region than in Finland as a whole, and the differences had grown every quarter. Growth continued vigorously in the service sector; particularly in business services, finance, hotels and restaurants and household services.

In the limelight


Using local and global data to drive performance - Rotterdam’s Smart City Planner

As recent as a decade ago, the previous Mayor of Rotterdam was concerned about, “Rotterdam ending up at the bottom of the wrong rankings.” Today, those concerns have become yesterday’s news as Rotterdam was awarded the Academy of Urbanism’s 2015 Award for European City of the Year.


Teuvo Savikko, Research director, City of Espoo & Seppo Laakso, CEO, Kaupunkitutkimus TA Oy

Twenty years of Helsinki Region Trends

In the mid 1990s, the Helsinki region was at a turning point as the dramatic economic recession of the early 1990s was turning into an upswing. The picture of economic and social conditions was contradictory and unclear in 1995, the year when the process was started that, eventually, led to the birth of Helsinki Region Trends.