Consumer confidence indicator

Last updated 27/03/2019 - 09:09

Consumer trust is waning slightly

Last year, consumers’ trust in the positive development of the economy was record-breaking high. Trust is still strong, even if it has weakened slightly for consumers in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In  January the balance indicator  of the Consumer Survey was 18.7 (20.4 in December). A year ago, it was approximately 30 in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In the entire country, the balance indicator was 17.2 in January, which is still significantly higher than the long-term average. Deviating from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the indicator value in January was higher than that of December in the entire country.

The strengthening of the national economy is no longer trusted upon — unlike the personal economy

The macro indicator value was 1.3 in January (6.1 in December).  This balance indicator describes Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s consumers’ views on the development of employment and the national economy. The balance indicator has been record-high for a long time, but trust almost crashed in October. In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the consumer micro indicator value was 36.2 in January (34.7 in December), which signifies strong trust.  This value describes consumers’ future prospects on the development of their own financial situation and personal saving possibilities in one figure.