Overnight stays by tourists

Last updated 06/09/2018 - 15:26

Numbers of hotel stays continued to grow

In 2018, the number of hotel stays both in Uusimaa and the rest of Finland went up compared to the previous year. According to preliminary information, the number of overnight stays by both Finnish and international travellers went up in these regions.

The upward trend continued towards the end of the year. In October–December, the average stay of travellers who spent the night in Uusimaa was 1.6 nights. Finnish travellers spent an average of 1.5 nights in Uusimaa, while those coming from abroad stayed for 1.8 nights on average. The average stay was longer elsewhere in Finland compared to Uusimaa.

Foreign tourists stayed in Finland overnight, particularly in the summer

The number of overnight stays by travellers has grown significantly over the past ten years. In Uusimaa, the relative number of travellers from Finland has grown the most. More so than Finns, international tourists conform to seasonal patterns, staying in Uusimaa in the July–September season in particular.

Information about overnight stays is collected from accommodation businesses with a minimum of 20 beds or recreational vehicle parking spaces with electrical outlets.