Intentions to buy own home

Last updated 18/06/2020 - 08:06

Many consumers intended to buy an apartment in February 2020

According to Statistics Finland’s Consumer Confidence Survey, in February 2020, approximately 14.9 per cent of consumers in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area planned certainly or possibly to buy an apartment in the following 12 months. In the entire country, the share of consumers planning to buy an apartment was only slightly less at approximately 14.4 per cent. The share of respondents intending to buy an apartment has remained practically unchanged during the year, but over several years it would seem that at least still in February 2020 many more respondents planned on buying an apartment than in the 2000s on average. The coronavirus crisis had not yet begun in Finland at the time the data was collected.

Note! The figures describing the intentions to buy homes after May 2019 are not comparable to earlier figures due to renewals in the statistical methods.